Johnny Drummer

Johnny Drummer

Bad Attitude

Label: Earwig Music
Digital Release Date: 2013-11-19
Genre: Blues
Subgenre: Soul
UPC: 888003425163
Johnny's well crafted tunes are full of funk, soul, blues, love, lust, biting humor and tales of the common man. He is a master storyteller, who creates blues tales which touch every listener no matter their mood.


1. Is It Love or Is It Lust
2. Another Rooster Is Pecking My Hen
3. Bit Her in the Butt
4. Bad Attitude
5. Make You Happy
6. One Size Fit All
7. Sure Sign of the Blues
8. Don't Call Me Trash
9. Ain't No Secret in a Small Town
10. U-Turn on a One Way Street
11. Better Than Good
12. My Woman My Money My Whiskey
13. Star 69

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