Washboard Sam

Washboard Sam

Washboard Sam Vol. 4 1939-1940

Label: Document Records
Digital Release Date: 2005-05-10
Genre: Blues
Subgenre: Chicago Blues
UPC: 669910042250


1. This Time Is My Time
2. Booker T Blues
3. Good Old Easy Street
4. I Believe I'll Make A Change
5. Wasn't He Bad
6. Diggin' My Potatoes
7. I Love My Baby
8. That Will Get It
9. Has My Gal Been By Here?
10. Somebody Changed That Lock On My Door
11. Don't Fool With Me
12. Jersey Cow Blues
13. So Early In The Morning
14. Beauty Spot
15. We Gonna Do Some Rug Cuttin'
16. Block And Tackle
17. Going Back To Arkansas
18. Louise
19. I Won't Be Sober Long
20. Oh Babe
21. How Can I Play Fair?
22. She Fooled Me
23. Sun Gonna Shine In My Door
24. Beale Street Sheik

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