Washboard Sam

Washboard Sam

Washboard Sam Vol. 5 1940-1941

Label: Document Records
Digital Release Date: 2005-05-10
Genre: Blues
Subgenre: Chicago Blues
UPC: 669910042359


1. Why Did You Do That To Me?
2. Digging My Potatoes No. 2
3. Chiselin' Blues
4. Morning Dove Blues
5. Good Time Tonight
6. Dissatisfied Blues
7. I'm Going To St. Louis
8. Greyhound Bus
9. Oh Joe
10. Just Got To Hold You
11. Yes I Got Your Woman
12. Good Luck Blues
13. Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight
14. Come On Back
15. Just To Prove I Love You
16. Every Tub Stands On Its Own Bottom
17. She's Makin' A Fool Out Of Me
18. She's A Bad Luck Woman
19. Little Leg Woman
20. She's All In My Life
21. He's A Creepin' Man
22. I Can Beat You Playing That Hand
23. Down At The Bad Man's Hall
24. Traveling Man

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