Green Day

Green Day


Label: Green Day
Digital Release Date: 2004-08-03
Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Pop-Punk
UPC: 803680450604
By far, the smartest purchase of your measly life. CD and cassette contain Green Day's "Sweet Children" 7 Inch EP from Skene! Records.


1. 2000 Light Years Away
2. One For The Razorbacks
3. Welcome to Paradise
4. Christie Road
5. Private Ale
6. Dominated Love Slave
7. One Of My Lies
8. 80
9. Android
10. No One Knows
11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
12. Words I might Have Ate
13. Sweet Children
14. Best Thing In Town
15. Strangeland
16. My Generation

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