Louisiana Red

Louisiana Red


Label: Earwig Music
Digital Release Date: 2005-07-19
Genre: Blues
Subgenre: Soul
UPC: 803680656600
Half down-home, acoustic country blues and half chooglin' blues, with the band that helped make Red's Millennium Blues a critical success.


1. Driftin'
2. Hard Hard Time
3. Bring Me Some Water
4. Leaving Grandma
5. In The Garden
6. The Day I Met B.B. King
7. Keep Your Hands On The Plow
8. Teddy Bear / Cootie In The Gump Stump
9. Getting Weaker Day By Day
10. I Met Lightinin' Hopkins
11. Chankity Chank Chank
12. Baby, You Gonna Miss Me
13. Powder Room Blues
14. Train Station Blues
15. He Will See You Through

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