Various Artists

Various Artists

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Original Soundtrack

Label: Ode Sounds & Visuals
Digital Release Date: 1975-01-10
Genre: Soundtracks
Subgenre: Film Soundtracks
UPC: 884385092450


1. Science Fiction/Double Feature
2. Dammit Janet
3. Over At The Frankenstein Place
4. Time Warp
5. Sweet Transvestite
6. I Can Make You A Man
7. Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul
8. I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)
9. Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
10. Eddie
11. Rose Tint My World
12. I'm Going Home
13. Super Hereos
14. Science Fiction/Double Feature (Reprise)
15. The Time Warp (Remix 1989 Extended Version)
16. The Time Warp (Music - 1 - Background Track + U Mix)

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